Methamphetamine, also called meth, crystal meth, glass or ice, is a pick-me-up drug. It is described as a nervous system man-made stimulant which is powerful and can be very addictive. Although it is odorless and colorless, the effects leave you feeling euphoric, confident, and awake. How to make meth is also said to be fairly easy which is why meth is easily abused.

Similar to the effect of caffeine when you drink coffee or of sugar when you eat chocolate, meth serves as a boost for those who take it. You get that sudden rush. Meth is taken orally, through needle injection, smoking or snorting of the powder. What happens when you take meth is it releases high levels of dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is responsible for the feeling of pleasure, reward, enjoyment, and the like. This explains the euphoric feeling that one gets from taking meth.

How to make meth recipes are widely available online. These being easy to make at home, makes them also easy to obtain, even by those still in school, which then results to abuse. Most of the meth that ends up on the streets are produced either by foreign or domestic superlabs or large labs. But there are a lot of home labs and other illegal laboratories which produce meth thereby risking the lives of the people working in the lab, the neighbors, and the environment. These labs can be found in ordinary houses, motel rooms, car trunks, campsites, abandoned barns or warehouses, and many others.

Recipes on how to make meth are usually simple with ingredients that are cheap and are commonly found in the household. The ease with which these ingredients and chemicals are made available makes it even more difficult to control the production and distribution of meth.

As many as there are recipes, there are also many different ways of producing meth. Home grown meth uses chemicals such as lye, ether, acetone, and phosphorous. Those that produce meth in large doses involves the use of as many as 32 chemicals including ephedrine or pseudoephedrine and usually takes about two days of processing.

There are some cases where methamphetamine is prescribed by a doctor but these prescriptions only have very low doses. Abusing, misusing, and overusing meth can lead to serious and lasting effects such as sleeplessness, paranoia and agitation, increased heart rate and blood pressure, memory damage, anxiety, confusion, violent mood swings, weight loss, and dental problems. Meth abuse through injection can also lead to the transmission of HIV and hepatitis B and C. Prolonged use and abuse can also cause psychosis which can go on for months and years, even when you already have stopped using. And serious overdose can lead to strokes, even death.

Attempting how to make meth is serious and dangerous. Don’t go about experimenting and being a home chemist because you’ll be putting yours and others’ life at risk.