Meth is the more common term used for methamphetamine. This is an artificial drug that reciprocates the effect of adrenaline. As we all know, adrenaline is a naturally produced hormone in our body that is often generated when there are immediate stress stimulants in the environment.

Adrenaline rush is a common term we hear most frequently when one experiences life threatening circumstances. When the body produces adrenaline, the most popular experience is the person is able to lift heavy objects it usually can’t in normal state. This is because adrenaline increases energy alertness in a short span of time, which is its main difference compare to meth. Adrenaline clears out of our body immediately, as soon as we feel the threat is away. On the other hand, the adrenaline-like effect of meth can last for six to eight hours.

Meth addicts experience overwhelming euphoria, unlimited energy and unexplainable power every time they take the drug. Besides these, the user is also said to become more sexually active, smarter since ideas come quicker than usual, it makes the person restless and it generally makes the person happier.

It seems to be all good because of what it does to the meth addicts, but the real problem comes when the drug looses the effect. When it does, the body collects what should be due you for being overly active in a span of a number of hours. This is where you feel extremely tired, muscle sores, and depression attacks.

The solution meth addicts have for this is to never stop using the drug. They now become meth drug dependents. It would be a logical solution only if the body would soon be able to eliminate all the fatigue and stress it is supposed to experience, but the problem is that does not happen. All those negativities will just accumulate and one day burst.

Aside from that, meth addicts will tend to increase their dosage since constant intakes will lessen the effect, another bad thing for the body. Meth addicts who are not arrested or treated immediately eventually stop using the drug because their body will soon refuse to function. This is when the accumulated fatigue and mental stress burst and the body cannot ignore it much longer even with the drug in the system.  Meth addiction is a highly dangerous vice. One should not try it for whatever reason. Always remember that the rule in physics also applies in life which states that for every action there is always an equal opposite reaction.