Crystal meth or simply called meth by some is an illegal drug used primarily as a stimulant. This is also very popular as a drug that can induce rapid weight loss. It can cause the brain to be more alert and it can also fight fatigue effectively. But this is as far as the advantages would go when talking about this substance. It is very potent and very addictive. As individuals use it regularly the body also develops resistance to its effects thereby forcing you to take more of it. This often leads to lifetime dependence to the drug.

Meth is more accurately identified by the name methamphetamine. The street version of this drug is usually made from meth labs all over the world. It is easy to mass produce and the ingredients used for it can be secured easily over the counter. This makes it an easy to access drug. Compared to other drugs available in the streets these are also priced low. Its main selling point is its weight loss property. But doctors and other health care professionals know that losing weight through meth is short lived and would usually backfire as soon as the drug intake is stopped.

There is a direct association between HIV and Meth use. Many experts believe this is caused by the spike in libido among Meth users. Sharing needles can also facilitate the passing of the HIV. Meth can be administered by smoking it through a glass pipe (like cocaine), sniffing it dry or injecting it to the veins directly. The euphoria that follows can go as long as 12 hours. This makes it a very dangerous drug to be hooked into. Depending on the application of the drug the high can be “enjoyed” for a very long time.

Although this drug is toxic and very dangerous many people are drawn to it because of its big help in alleviating depression, stress and low energy. Many try it innocently but then find themselves hooked to the drug in a very short time. Getting away from it can always mean undergoing a long process of withdrawal. Many people cannot seem to shake it off from their system.

When you are already addicted to the drug you can expect to have meth teeth or the rapid decay and falling off of your teeth, psychosis which is usually drug related and increased tolerance to its effects to the body. Unfortunately overdose of meth can lead to permanent brain damage, paranoia and even death which are usually caused by stroke.